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Justin Dean,Korra Obidi’s Husband Explains Why He Divorced Her


The teary eyed made this revelation via his Instagram handle @drjustindean where he talked about the incident that led to his divorce.

According to him, his belly-dancing ex-wife always mentioned that she regretted giving birth to their first child, June.

He said she said these words to spite him.

He lamented she was always making these comments in the presence of the three-year-old even after he told her not to.

He also accused her negligence in taking care of the children, saying this propelled him to want to take full custody of their two children instead of a split custody.

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According to him: “What made me emotionally lose control? There is only one thing that can make me do that and that’s my kids and nothing else. Many of you know I divorced Korra because we got into an argument and Korra says things to hurt me sometimes and she repeatedly told me that she regretted that June (their first daughter) ever been born.

“I asked her to stop saying that and June was in my arms hearing it. And she repeatedly said it over and over again.

“I called my mother who will testify in court that she kept saying this over and over. And I said you can’t say this to June, she understands what you are saying, June is crying.

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“I attempted to take June out of the room and I said, you can’t be around your daughter if you are saying this type of stuff and she came across the room, my mom was on the phone she will testify this in court and violently ripped June out of my hands and very close, that dislocated June’s shoulder.

“That was when I posted online that I was divorcing my wife and I cannot be treated this way anymore. When I went live and said ‘say it again’ it was that_ that she regretted June June being born.


“So fast forward, many of you reached out to me and I have talked to an attorney. I can’t see my kids right now and I’m asking for public support because I love my kids.

“Two days ago, many of you reached out to me and asked me to go get the kids because she (Korra) was being careless when she was inside the sink.

“There is a garbage disposal inside that sinks within the reach of June’s foot. So she was putting her foot in that sink and there was a garbage disposal and she could have easily gotten her foot mingled. And Athena’s head was drooping and getting her air weight choked off.

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“I communicated this and she ignored me. I called her and she hung up on me. So at legal counsel, I went to get my kids for the last two days to protect her because many of you were reaching out to me and saying that they were going to call child services. Which will not be the first time that child services was called for negligence.

“So I went and got my kids and explained to her why I was taking control of the kids. I was not withholding her and I had no intentions of keeping the kids from her.

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“Today, I had to work because we haven’t found a nanny yet and I asked her to watch the kids for a little bit and she agreed and I said, I will be taking the kids back to my house. When I go there, her friends handed me a pile of papers and the police were there until they showed up later. She falsely filed.

“I can’t see my kids for like a month, because she is trying to hurt me. i love my kids,they are my life.

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“Men don’t cry but I am, just for my kids. So that’s why I’m divorcing Korra because she uses the kids to hurt me and I didn’t want Athena to go through the same thing that June has endured the last few years.

“I was going to split custody with Korra but now, I’m taking full custody. I’m going to fight her.”

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