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Speed ​​​​limit against Putin? The ex-leftist’s proposal is “too banal” even for Plasberg


More heavy weapons for Ukraine? In “Hart aber fair” almost all discussants show solidarity. Only the Left wants to attack Putin with a speed limit on the autobahns – but that’s “too banal” for the moderator. We Germans in particular can be happy about the inconsistency of the world community.

“Have a nice good evening,” wishes Frank Plasberg – but nobody should really take that seriously in times of war. Of course, “Hart aber fair” is, once again, about Ukraine. And, as the moderator puts it, a “difficult picture to bear” that shows Putin with the Easter candle in his hand. “You want to pull a blanket over your head and despair,” he adds. That wouldn’t be very helpful for television, of course. Maybe that’s why Frank Plasberg switched to utopia. He asked all participants in this ARD Monday discussion how this war could come to an end.  

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“The war will not end quickly”

Beautiful dreams of quick peace destroyed Egon Ramms. The former NATO general is pessimistic: “The war will not end quickly.” Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, core critic of Chancellor Scholz in the governing party FDP , says: “There will only be one solution – Putin militarily defeat.” There is the chairwoman of the defense committee, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian photographer Yevgenia Belorusets: “The aggressor is against any form of peace agreement.”

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